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Ok i had to do some research and answer some questions about MLK.
I did alot of them but couldn't find the rest so can someone help me please.

1.How would this speech be different if it was written from a third person point of view? Does it change the meaning?Explain

2.Who and what infulenced him and his beliefs?

3.What are the larger issues that relate to MLK"s dream?

4.Was MLK just talking about racial equality? what other forms of equality are related to this?

5.How and to what extent has the dream been realized today?How do you know?what events , documetns, etc.indicate this?

6.How has MLK's dream affected today's socieety?Who are the people who have facilitated change?what are the characteristics of such people?

7.What still needs to happen in order to realized the dream?

8.What can be done to futher realize the dream?What can you do as an individual?What can you do as a part of a group within your school?What can you do as a part of your community?

  • History -

    1. If the speech had been in the third person, it wouldn't have been as personal.

    2. Some of the people who influenced him were Jesus, Mohandas Gandhi, and King's father.

    4. Other forms of inequality: gender, gender preferences, ageism, foreign birth

    If you think about the other questions, I'm sure you'll be able to answer them -- especially # 6 which asks for your opinion.

  • History -

    Henry David Thoreau coined the phrase civil disobedience.

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