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I need help solving this equation.

[SQRT(x + 3)] - [SQRT(x - 2)] =1

I know I am supposed to square each side however my teacher tells me I ahve to foil the lefthand side of the equation. Cna someone please help me with this.

Thank you.

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    well, if you square both sides

    you get (FOIL)
    x+3-2sqrt(x-2)sqrt(x+3) + x-2=1
    2x+2- 2sqrt( x^2+x-6)=1
    or 2x+2-2=2sqrt(x^2+x-6)
    square both sides

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    Thank you.

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    Would I do the same thing with this equation?

    [SQRT(x + 7)] - 2[SQRT(x)] =-2

    Beacause I see what you have showed me BUt i am stll a little bit confused. Please if you have the time help me. Thank you.

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