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Hi, I have an assignement about and ad where you see backstreet boys advertising milk. Got milk ad

Here is the assignment, I really need to hand in this lesson in half an hour..so, i'd really appriciate any help and i am very confused.

write a response explaining the appeal of this ad. Adress the following ad features:

-the caption" it takes more than a hit single to reach the top"
-the way the groupd are dressed
-the sentence" 15% of adult height is added during teen years."
-the slogan "got milk?"

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    Sorry -- but I saw your post too late to help you.

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    It's ok..I asked for more time. I need to get this done though..

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    The caption reminds us that one significant achievement is not enough to reach the top. We all understand that, but coming from the Backstreet Boys, it reinforces the need to keep on working and growing.

    How does the group's clothing impress you? (I'm too old to be objective about this.) I assume it's designed to appeal to young teens. Probably teens want to emulate this group because of their coolness and popularity.

    Our bodies are sure busy during our teen years, aren't they? How does the ad tie in this growth spurt with the Backstreet Boys?

    What message does the advertiser want you to get from the Backstreet Boys saying, "Got Milk?" Do you think this is effective for the target audience -- young teens?

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