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how you would approach creating a negative message for a superior? VERSUS creating a message for a colleague, subordinate or fellow student.

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    How would I approach creating a negative message for a superior?

    Very carefully!

    Of course, you need to be polite and diplomatic. Choose your words carefully.

    What are your thoughts on this question?

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    "When sending a negative message to peers or subordinates you should describe the problem, present alternatives, and ask for input or action. With the superior you want to help or suggest and with the subordinate you are asking for suggestions"

    "Tell your superior the problem without sugar coating it or shifting blame. Then prepare to tell him what you're going to do about resolving it. It's one thing to make mistakes or deliver bad news, but if you can't accept responsibility by helping resolving it, then you may as well walk out the door.

    Its better they hear this from you firsthand than a shifty coworker or an angry customer. The very least, you've prepared your superior when they're confronted with these issues."

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