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Hello everybody! I need a huge favour! If someone is very very good at distinguishing metaphors from metonymys please leave an e-mail.I am going to send you some examples.So if anyone is willing to do it please say!

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    Please post three of four here, along with your ideas about to distinguish them. Someone will be glad to help you.

    Check this article.

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    simplistically, a metaphor uses something that is not closely associated as a comparison " the leaves square danced across the courtyard".

    A metonymy uses a word that is closely associated with the word. Here the word "turf" is closely associated with horse racing and is used.

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    get stars in one's eyes - metaphor or metonymy?why?

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    Are stars and eyes used interchangeably?

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    well this a metaphor then?
    and keep one's eyes peeled?

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    Yes. Keep one's eyes peeled is a metaphor. (We can peel apples, oranges, etc.; thankfully we can't peel eyes.)

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    OK.this is a metaphor.Now i need to specify it..I don't know what I am supposed to do

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