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Is this imagery?

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He hooks an arm around his son's neck and is at once caught in a fierce embrace. He smooths the dark head wedged against his shoulder, brushes the hair aside at the back of his neck to touch bare skin.

  • Is this imagery? -

    Is this a metaphor or imagery?

    "The ground is wet, and smells of smoke; it feels soft and spongy to his touch."

  • Is this imagery? -

    On the second, it is imagery.
    On the first, it is imagery.

    I am wondering how you are defining imagary. The use of Metaphors is one way to create imagary. A metaphor uses a comparison of two unlike things to create an image. There are other ways to create an image. So asking is the a metaphor or imagery would cause a great difficulty when one used metaphoric imagary. It is similar to the question, "Is this a Ford or an automobile?"

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