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2) How many moles of nitrogen monoxide will be produced when 80.0 grams of oxygen are used? What volume of ammonia is needed?

this iz the equation
4NH3 + 5O2 -> 6H2O + 4NO

the 1st part i got 4 mol NO and i don't no how to do the 2nd prt

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    ok, your equation seems to be balanced
    so for every mole of O2 you get (4/5) moles of NO
    80 grams O2 / 32 grams/mole = 2.5 moles O2
    2.5 * 4/5 = 2 moles NO

    So we also have 2 moles of NH3
    If at standard pressure and temp, 22.4 liters/mole
    44.8 liters

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    I think maybe you used 16 for O2 but the 16 is just one atomic mass for O in grams The molecular mass is 32 grams/mole

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    when they say 80 grams of oxygen I think they mean of the gas O2, not the atom O

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    oh okay
    i forgot to make oxygen diatomic and thanks for the second part :)

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