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help interpreting a DBQ question- Us History

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I have to write about the:

constitutional, political and practical concerns of the Indian Removal act.

i get the constitutional point

but i don't understand what a political concern is or what a practical concern is

is practical like they were afraid that if they removed the indians, the wouldnt help the states because they were smart

and is political like expansion of territory? i don't know this is really hard.

please help me.

  • help interpreting a DBQ question- Us History -

    A political concern is how popular the Act is with voters, and where the Indians would be transferred to. Another would be whether the removal is consistent with existing treaty agreements. This was often ignored.

    A practical concern is whether enforcement is practical, moral, consitutional, or affordable, or safe for the health of the Indians who are displaced from their ancestral lands.

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