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Ok I would like you to read this source and explain what does it mean and why is it wrong based on a my history Question : How far can you prove that Source G is wrong?

Source G

The greatest danger and the one which threatenes to destroy Europe is not facing the facts with respect to Germany and Italy. the facts with respect to Germany are known but they have not been consistently faced. In some countries there has been an effort through control of the press to keep the facts from the people and Europe is now hampered in facing facts through an unprepared public opinion.
The fundamental face is that the regime in Germany is based on a program of ruthless force. This program has it's aim to use the force of 67 million people for the extension of Germany political and economic control over South - Eastern Europe - thus putting it in a position to dominate Europe completely. From this position Germany will be able to dictate it's policies to the rest of the world Fantastic as this may seem, it has been and is the pro gramme of Hitler's Germany.

A report from the United States ambassador in Austria to his government, March 1936

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    Wrong? It looks like Hitler came quite close to dominating Europe!


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