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At 25C, the molar solubility of calcium phosphate in water is 1.1*10^{-7}M. Calculate the solubility in grams per liter.

I m not sure how to convert M to g/L


2.tert-Butyl alcohol is a solvent with a Kf of 9.10 C/m and a freezing point of 25.5 C. When 0.807g of an unknown colorless liquid was dissolved in 11.6 g of tert-butyl alcohol, the solution froze at 15.3 C.

Which of the following is most likely the identity of this unknown liquid?

a.ethylene glycol(molar mass=62.07g/mol)
b.1-octanol (molar mass = 130.22 g/mol)
c.glycerol (molar mass = 92.09 g/mol)
d.2-pentanone (molar mass = 86.13 g/mol)
e.1-butanol (molar mass = 74.12 g/mol)

so, molar mass= mass in grams/# of moles

I think im suppose to find the number of moles, using the given information :
Do i use Pi= MRT, and im not sure what Kf stands for.

  • CHemistry....Please help -

    for 2nd question answer is . (a)--ehtylene glycol .. just did my mastering chemistry assignmnet stuck on crystals one .. if u can help me out .. plz..

    for the 1st question
    solubility =3.41×10−5 g/l

  • CHemistry....Please help -

    the coordination things i don't know how to do that...if i find out ill let you know thanks

  • CHemistry....Please help -

    molarity = mols/L and
    mols = g/molar mass; therefore,
    grams = mols*molar mass.
    The answer for the solubility copmes out in units of molarity and that is mols/L. Therefore, all you need to do is to convert mols to grams and that will be g/L since M is mols/L.

  • CHemistry....Please help -

    thank you

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