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There is one more thing which is not 100 % clear to me. I am still writing my learning diary and have to write about my emotional temperature.I've googled it but still I am not sure what it is

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    I didn't find any satisfactory answer either. To me, emotional temperature is whether a person is calm, excitable, placid, a go-getter, etc.

    Try the quiz at this site to find one interpretation of your emotional temperature.


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    Emotional temperature probably refers to the levels (amplitude) of emotion, regardless of what emotion is being felt or expressed. Being slightly sad would be a lower temperature than being severely depressed. Likewise, being slightly happy would be a lower temperature than being extremely joyful. Being a little upset would be lower than extreme anger.

    This is likely to be related to the higher activity level of things as they are heated.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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