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in music i need to find out about Poulenc.
his date of birth- 7th january 1899
when he died- 30th january 1963
what nationality- Paris , France
his musical group - Les Six

are these answers right.
thankyou for the help

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    Francis Poulenc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Francis Jean Marcel Poulenc (IPA: [fʀɑ̃sis ʒɑ̃ maʀsɛl pulɛ̃k]; 7 January 1899–30 January 1963) was a French composer and a member of the French group Les ...
    Francis Poulenc .com - Biography, Picture, Videos, & More Biography, Picture, Videos, & Quotes of Francis Poulenc.
    Francis Poulenc When Francis Poulenc was born in Paris on 7 January 1899, he inherited a share of ... Poulenc’s father Emile, on the other hand, from the Aveyron district, ...

    (As with all Wikipedia search results, be sure to check out all the external links and further references at the bottom of each Wikipedia page.)

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    thankyou for answering my question. i got my answers from wikipedia but id rather check to make sure they were the right answers.
    thanks again

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