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I need help with this one too, same thing. Rewrite without parerntheses, then simplify if possible.


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    You do it, I will stay around for awhile and check you.

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    -16-8p-20 +16

    take -4 times 4 which equals -16
    take -4 times 2p which equals 8p
    take 5 times -4 which equals -20
    then add 16 to the end.

    simplify by adding -16, -20 and 16.
    you get -8p - 20 (the -16 and +16 cancel each other out)

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    okay thanks.


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    Okay so you totally owned me, great job checking.
    Go order of operations!!!

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    no. The last step is wrong
    -16-4 is -20

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    sorry, WVSU

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