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find the first and third quartiles, Q1, and Q3, of the following numbers, 13,5,12,16,7,14,7,3,10,7

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    The first Q1 would be ( 1+n)4 = which is the 25 % of the data set

    and the Q3 would be n(3)/4 = the 75 % of the data :

    So for Q1 its :
    n= 10

    (1+11)/4 = 3

    The 3 is not the q1, this just tells where at what position the number is so the thirds number in the data set is 12, so therefore Q1= 12

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    corrections first put the numbers is order:

    And Q3 is (n+1)3/4


    SO Q1= 7

    and Q3= 12(3)/4 = 9
    So the 9th number is 14 therefore Q3= 14

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    I am still not understanding how you came up with the answer, can you explain how to do it Thanks

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