Grade 10 Physics (Acceleration, Speed, Time)

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I just need someone to check my answers to this one review question.. Exams are tomorow so i need them to be checked quickly.

An Octopus accelerates at a rate of 0.65m/s/s for a time of 4.8s. How much will the speed of the octopus change?

We are trying to find change in speed, so change in speed equals acceleration multiplied by time.

So 0.65m/s/s X 4.8s= 3.12m/s.

Did i do the question correctly? If not can you tell me what i should've done/ any physic hints that will help me with questions like these.

  • Grade 10 Physics (Acceleration, Speed, Time) -

    it is correct.

  • Grade 10 Physics (Acceleration, Speed, Time) -


  • Grade 10 Physics (Acceleration, Speed, Time) -

    3.12 m/s

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