French work to be checked

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If some are wrong could you please give me some more steps on it. thanks

1.Qui est ------- amie?
Qui est mon amie?
Answer: Mon amie est Briana

2. Qui est ----- ami?
Qui est mon ami?
Answer: Mon ami est Alex

3. Ou, habitent ------ grands - parents?
Ou habitent tes grands - parents
Answer: Mes grands - parents habitent est Sunset Hills.

4. ----- frere a quel age?
Mon frere a quel age?
Answer: Mon frere a vint - neuf ans

5. ----- soeur a quel age?
Ma soeur a vingt - neuf ans

6. Ou est ----- maison ou ------ appartement?
Ou est ma maion ou ton appartement?
Answer: Ma maison est dans la rue Dennis.

7. Tu aimes ----- cours de francais?
Tue aime ma cours de francais
Answer: Mon cours de francais je aime.

8. ---- prof est sympa?
Ma prof est sympa
Anwer: Ma prof est sympa.

  • French work to be checked -

    3) mes gran-parents habitent à Sunset
    4) vingt-neuf ans (typing error)
    frère (needs accent)
    âge (needs accent)
    6) où needs an accent to distinguish it
    from "ou" (or)
    maison (typing error)
    7) tu aimes ta course...?
    j'aime ma course de ....
    français (needs accent)
    8) ta prof est sympa ?
    (there are more than one form for

  • French work to be checked -

    6) où est ta maison....

    Other question forms:
    Aimes-tu ta cours de français?
    Est-ce que tu aimes ta course de français?
    I am not sure but I think that cours is masculine; if so, then it should be:
    Tu aimes ton cours.... (or aimes-tu ton cours....)
    j'aime mon cours de français.

    I am not sure if you are speaking of a male or female professor - so, it could also be "ton prof est sympa?" and "mon prof est sympa".

  • French work to be checked -

    1) Are you asking yourself who your
    friend is or is someone else asking
    you? If it is someone else, then the
    question would be:
    "qui est ton amie?" (personal form) or "qui est votre amie?" (formal form).

    Yes - cours is masculine (course, which
    means "a race" - like a car race -
    I think, is feminine.)Sorry about

  • French work to be checked -

    une cour = court, courtyard
    une course = running, race, etc.

    Did you read my answers to your posts of yesterday? As E.G. asks you, if you are to ANSWER the question Qui est mon ami? it is EITHER Ton ami or (formal) votre ami est...

    Nothing can be corrected until you give us the EXACT directions before you start the exercise.

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • French work to be checked -

    P.S. The trend nowadays is to NOT use the à after habiter. Il habite Paris. Nous habitons Denver, etc.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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