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angles c and d are parallel and p is transversal. if m<5=110 degrees find the measure of each angle.

I n the need help undrstanding how to find the measures of the angles <6, <2, <8, and <4.

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    You probably meant to say,
    lines c and d are parallel...
    angles cannot be "parallel"

    secondly you are probably looking at a diagram which we don't see, so we don't know how your angles are numbered.

    There is probably a cluster of 4 angles at one intersection and another cluster of 4 at the other.

    the angle opposite to #5 must equal 110
    and the angle beside #5 forming the straight line must be 70 degrees.

    the corresponding angle to #5 in the other cluster must also be 110.
    Work your way around the other angles the same way I did above.

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    thanks a bunch.

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