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Should English be declared the official language of the United States? List three effects that you believe such a law would have. Explain your position.

i need some help doing this.My position is that i DON'T think English should be declared the official language.

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    WHY? That is what they want to know. Why do you think that having an official language would be a bad idea. What effects might that have on everyday people?

    These sites will give you some other people's opinions.
    Against English as the Official Language:
    English Plus versus English Only (http://www.lulac.org/advocacy/issues/language/plusonly.html) from the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) presents an article with contributions by Frank Ortiz, LULAC Past Vice President/Southwest Region arguing against the English-Only legislation.
    Lingo Jingo: English-Only and the New Nativism (http://www.prospect.org/web/page.ww?section=root&name=ViewPrint&articleId=4809) by Geoffrey Nunberg, linguistics professor at Stanford University argues against the English as the official language in this article from The American Prospect: A Journal for the Liberal Imagination.
    Official English and English Plus: An Update (http://www.cal.org/resources/digest/lewell01.html) provides a May, 1997 review by Vickie W. Lewelling, ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics supporting the idea that “English needs no official legislation to support it and that proficiency in other languages should be encouraged."

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    can i send you a part of what i write when i finish later?

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    Sure... glad to read it.

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