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Find the quotient
3[cos5pi/12+isin5pi/12] divided by 6[cospi/12+isinpi/12]. Express the quotient in rectangular form.
I worked it out as:
Is this right?

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    You started out OK but went astray somewhere.
    Here's one way to do it.

    Rewrite it as
    (1/2)e^(i*5 pi/12)/e^(i*pi/12)
    = (1/2)e^(i*pi/3)
    = (1/2)[cos (pi/3)+ i sin(pi/3)]
    You got that far..
    = (1/2)[(1/2) + i(sqrt3)/2]
    1/4 + i (1/4)* sqrt3

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    Ok thanks i know where i went wrong

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