History (continued)

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1. What is the main idea of the preamble?
A. To state the purpose of the constitution
B. To set limits on the authority of the federal government
C. To establish the relationship of the branches of government
D. To explain the reasoning behind the break with England
Answer: A

2.The executive branch's power to refuse to sign a bill into law is called:
A. Right of refusal
B. Legislative bargaining
C. Presidential review
D. Presidential veto
Answer: D

3. Mr. Talley is pulled over for going 37 in a 35 on Bellfontaine after school. The police officer that pulls him over asks him to step out of his car so he may search it for stolen property. What amendment is the officer violating?

A. Amendment 1
B. Amendment 6
C. Amendment 4
D. Amdendment 10
Answer: C

4. Article 2 deals with:
A. The judicial branch
B. The executive branch
C. The legislative branch
D. Congress
Answer: B

5. How long does a member of the supreme court serve?
A. two years
B. six years
C. ten years
D. for life
Answer: D

6. After an office-holder is impeached,the ------- has the sole power to try the case.
A. senate
B. supreme court
C. house of representatives
D. electoral college
Answer: C

7. Ms. White goes to her local library to vote in the next presidential election. When she arrives, she is told that she must pay $50 to vote. She does not have the money to pay so she is unable to vote. What amendment is this violating
A. Amendment 1
B. Amendment 6
C. Amendment 15
D. Amendment 24
Answer: D

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    All of them are right, except one. Check this site.


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    could you tell me which # please thanks

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    Yes, I could tell you, but simply opening the link will tell you in about 30 seconds.

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    Ok number 6 is A

  • History (continued) -

    Yes. 6 is A.

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