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This is my french homework I have to fill in the blanks with either ai, as, a, avons, avez, and ont. In the parentheses that's what I put in the blank i was on this website with this work the other day and I finished it today and I was asking if you could please check it thanks for your time.

La famille Ghez -----(a)un bel appartement a Nice. Leur appartement ----(a) six pieces. Leur appartement ----(a)un balcon. Le balcon donne sur la mer Mediterranee. Du balcon les Ghez----(ont) une tres belle vue sur la mer.
Il y a quatre personnes dans la famille Ghez. Halima a dix-sept ans et son frere, Ahmed ----(a)quinze ans. Halima et Ahmed---(avons)un petit chat adorable. Et toi, tu-----(as) un chien ou un chat? Tu ----(as) une petite ou une grande famille? Vous ----(avez) an appartement ou une maison? Moi, j'----(ai)quinze ans et j' ---(ai) un chien adorable. J' adore mon petit chien.

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    Alex B or Starsthatshine1245 or whoever,

    Please have patience. Our French teacher is not online yet today.

  • Check french work pplz -

    All of them are right except this one:

    Halima et Ahmed---(avons)un petit chat adorable.

    Can you see how to correct it?

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    is it a since it's a he there talking about and they have a little adorable cat

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    The subject of the verb is third person plural -- Halima et Ahmed.

    So, the verb is not "a," because that is the third person singular form.

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    is it as if this is wrong could you pull up a chart that states about the following words thanks

  • Check french work pplz -

  • Check french work pplz -

    avez am i right??

  • Check french work pplz -


    1st person: I have = j'ai
    2nd: you have = tu as
    3rd: he/she/it has = il a

    1st: we have = nous avons
    2nd: you have = vous avez
    3rd: they have = ils ont

    Your subject is third person plural, so your verb must also be in the third person plural form.

  • Check french work pplz -

    answer: ont

    thank u so much ms. sue u have been a great helper. god bless uu

  • Check french work pplz -

    P.S. don't for get the necessary accents! "frère" for example. If you need the chart on how to make accent marks with the computer, let us know if you have a PC or MAC, Windows or not.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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