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1. Mon grand-pere, Rudy a quatre-vingt-un ans. Il est brave et aimant.

2. Ma grand-mere, Dorothy a quatre-vingt ans. Elle est amusante et adorable.

3. Mon pere, Gary a cinquante-trois. Il est fort et brun

4. Ma mere, Theresa a cinquante-duex. Elle est blonde et aimable.

5. Ma tante, Shirley a soixante-cinq ans. Elle est formidable et honnete.

6. Mon oncle, Richard a soixante-six ans. Il est patient et grisonnant.

7. Mon frere, Gary a vingt- neuf ans.
Il est content et grand.

8. Ma cousine, Lisa a quarante-trois ans. Elle est interessante et opiniatre.

9. Mon cousin, Mark a trente- trois ans. Il est populair et enthouisiast.

10. Je suis, a quinze ans. Je suis chick et mignon.

  • French work -

    And just what would you like me to do with this??? Please take each post separately, as we do. I'm looking at it but there are no directions as to what you'd like me to do with this?

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • French work -

    I mean like check it to see if i did it right, and translate it in english so you know you understand what i'm saying in french.

  • French work -

    If you tell me whether you have PC or MAC, Windows or not, I'll send you the chart so you know how to make the accent marks in French. When they are not there, it is considered an error. So, please learn how to do them!

    1.Mon grand-pere,= requires an accent mark = Mon grand-père...As for the English, I'm sure you don't mean the last word I see! = My grandfather Rudy is 81 years old. He is brave and MAGNET. If you mean kind, likeable = aimable

    2. Ma grand-mere, = also requires an accent mark = Ma grand-mère...My grandmother Dorothy is 81 years old. She is amusing and adorable. (good one!)

    3. Mon pere, = accent = Mon père....cinquante-trois. = Probably best to repeat "ans"...Don't forget period at the end = brun. = My father Gary is 53. He is strong and tanned (brown.)

    4. Ma mere, Theresa = accent = Ma mère ... duex. = misspelled = deux. My mother Theresa is 52. She is blonde and kind/likeable.

    5. honnete. = requires accent mark = honnête. My aunt Shirley is 62. She is terrific and honest.

    6. My uncle Richard is 66. He is patient and turning gray/grey.

    7. Mon frere = accent = frère... vingt- neuf ans. (typo = close up the hyphen) = vingt-neuf.....My brother Gary is 29. He is happy and tall.

    8. opiniatre.= accent = opiniâtre... My cousin Lisa is 43. She is interesting and stubborn.

    9. trente- trois ans. = (close up the space) = trente-trois ans....populair = misspelled = populaire...enthouisiast. = also misspelled = enthousiaste...My cousin Mark is 33. He is popular and enthusiastic.

    10. Je suis, a quinze ans. = this says "I am, am 15 years old." Obviously too many verbs! "J'ai quinze ans."......chick = no such word in French (cheep, cheep!)...Do you mean "chic = stylish?"....chic...I am 15. I am chic and cute!

    Next time, I don't care to waste my time translating what I see. YOU should translate what you think you said!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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