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I have already answered these questions but I am a little uneasy of the answers. Could someone please read them and provide feedback and if possible a little more detail for explainations?

Q: What is the meaning of stratified?
A: To classify or separate (people) into groups

Q: How is the American society stratified?
A: Society is stratified in several ways such upper class, middle class, and lower class. Each class is further subdivided into smaller classes related to occupation.

Q: Do you think there is an impact on society when groups are stratified?
A: I think that no matter what if you "group" people into certain groups there will be some sort of impact. For example, slavery. The slaves were forced to work for the rich white man thus creating a problem for the slaves and ultimate;y the white people. AS the problem continued to worsen there were other issue that would arrise due to the original problem.

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    Your first two answers are fine.

    But I think you can add to your third answer. What stratification do you see from our slave-holding days that still impacts the U.S.? Think about the celebrations surrounding the innauguration of our first African-American president. My local newspaper related the story of one elderly African-American who moved north years ago after his family home in the South was burned down twice, apparently by those affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan.

    Economic stratification often leads to de facto segregated schools -- with the poor in one and the middle class in another a few miles away.

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    Social status, which influences stratification, depends on three main factors — money, education, and the value of one's occupation to the society. The more you have of these, the higher your status.

    Those highest on all of these, occupy the highest social strata, while those lowest on all of these occupy the lowest strata. The most recent immigrant groups (slave or free) typically occupy the the lowest strata in a society — typically because they usually are not acculturated (lack knowledge of the society), lack financial resources and do not occupy valued positions in the society.

    However, all three do not necessarily go together. For examples, as a whole, teachers are relatively high on education and social value, but relatively low in terms of money.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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