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an electrochemical cell uses Al and Al+3 in one compartment and Ag and Ag+ in the other

write a balanced equation for the rxn that will occur spontaneously in this cell

would that just be Al + Al+3 + 2e --> Ag + Ag+ ?

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    Not quite.
    The half equations you want are as follows:
    Al ==> Al^+3 + 3e
    Ag^+ + e ==> Ag
    Multiply equation 1 by 1 and equation 2 by 3 (to make the electrons equal).
    Al ==> Al^+3 + 3e
    3Ag^+ + 3e ==> 3Ag
    Now add them.
    Al + 3Ag^+ + 3e ==> Al^+3 + 3e + 3Ag
    Now cancel the electrons (since there are 3 on each side). That gives you the final equation.

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