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Toni rows a boat 4.5 km/h upstream and then turns around and rows
5.5 km/h back downstream to her starting point. If her total rowing
time is 48 min, for how long does she row upstream? you can express
your answer to the nearest minute.

I don't understand how you solve it.

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    let Toni's time rowing upstream be t hours, then his time rowing downstream is
    .8-t hours (48 min = .8 hours)

    distance upstream = 4.5t
    distance downstream = 5.5(.8-t)

    but the distance is the same either way, so...
    4.5t = 5.5(.8-t)

    solve for t

    your t will be in hours, so multiply the value of t by 60 and round off.

    ( I got 26 minutes)

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