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Which one is more important?

In today's world, we're having this global crisis and people are suffering. That's why economy growth is very important. Usually there's the opportunity cost of environment which will be exploited for the economy have a strong growth. But on the other side we must also remember that our world environment today is in "crisis mode" too with the global warning and all. So we should take care of that too, because what's the good of having much money if you can't breathe good air.

I need like some kind of pro and contra of each side because I'm preparing for a debate.

Thank you

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    Hopefully you will find something in the following GOOGLE Search:


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    These blog posts by the Houston Chronicle's science editor have been written regarding climate change and other elements. You should read through several of these and check out all the linked articles he's included. You'll get LOTS of information from academically authentic sources.

    You can also ask yourself these questions:

    What does it mean when politicians say we in the US should be using all possibilities to work toward energy independence?

    For those who decry our dependence on use of fossil fuels, you might think about how long it took us to get to this point -- and ask if people really want to go back to horse-and-buggy days with pot-belly stoves in their houses for cooking and heating!

    I've referred only to two areas about this whole topic that have been brought up by various people. There are umpteen sides to this situation. Free up your mind and start asking questions -- not only what will happen if we do such and so, but what will happen if we DON'T do such and so.

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    our country today has turned to coruption country dat make our nation into a 419 place but by his grace is shall be fine.

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