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Sorry, another question:
I need an acrostic poem for the name
Thanks :)

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    Go ahead try it! Then repost for proofreading. If you can not think of a word easily starting with each letter, try the dictionary!


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    Ok Thanks. I'm going to look up a few words and I'll be back to post up what I get!
    :) -MC

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    MC , that one is easy... When you post yours, I will tell you what mine is.

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    OK...I look forward to seeing it!

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    K nowledgable
    I nteresting
    N ---need help on N!
    Z any
    A wesome
    It's the best I could do! -MC

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    Easy = N = NICE!


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    Yes I thought of that but I wanted something better...I guess it will have to do! Thanks :)

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    Kooky and kissable,
    Intelligent and insane,
    Noticable and nifty,
    Amiable- Friend.

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    thats perfect!! I love the word selection you gave...
    Thanks Guru! =]

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    mcuy nudmeo auefmti ejkpwc vrniaofg uqdli whbl

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    I need help on science homework. An I am poem for mitochondria!😞 So far I have I am...... A mighty powerhouse
    I wonder........why I am shaped like a sausage
    I hear.....??????
    Please Help!!!!😁😳

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