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Can someone please help me with the following problems? I do not have the formula for finding the slope of a line. These are not homework they are for a portfolio.

Find the slope of each of the following lines.

1. y=-5-17

2. 10 + y = x

3. y = -2x - 5

4. 4x + y = 0

5. 3x - 4y = 16

6. -2y - 16 = x

7. y = -11x - 3

8. y = 13x - 14

9. 2y = 2x = 18

10. 6x = 5y = 10

Thank you very much if you are able to help.

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    Why would you include these problems in your portfolio if you can't solve them?

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    I don't know. We were just told to solve them. We were not given a formula.

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    y = mx+b

    Just get it in that form to find what m is.

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  • 8th Grade Math -

    The formula is actually simple to remeber if you've learned it.

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    or y=a+bx
    it's essentially the same thing, just in a differnt, more current form.
    in this one,

    oh, slope is also your rise/run which is y/x

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    basic knowladge just put diffrently in more simpler form would be
    in what a= constant
    in what b=slope :)

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