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fill in the blank with a, ai, as, avons, avez, or ont

Halima et Ahmed ----- un petit chat adorable.

Du balcon les Ghez--- une tres belle vue sur la mer.

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    The first sentence has a plural third-person subject.

    The second has a singular third-person subject.

    Which do you think are the correct verbs for these sentences?

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    So the first one is a
    and the second one is ont

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    You've gotten them reversed.

    Please check the link I posted showing the conjugation of avoir.

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    so there right but just backwards

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    Halima et Ahmed -ont- un petit chat adorable.

    Du balcon les Ghez-a- une tres belle vue sur la mer.

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    Watch out for LES Ghez = plural = ont, as well as the first!

    moi, j'ai
    toi, tu as
    lui/elle/on, a
    nous avons (Marie et moi)
    ils/elles ont (Marie et Paul)

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    Oops! I goofed by thinking that balcony was the subject.

    Thanks, Sra, for catching this mistake.

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