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Write a 5-6 page paper, in APA format (excluding the cover and reference pages) discussing the influence of society, medicine, and psychology in the decision to deny the use of the Death Penalty when sentencing juveniles. It can be argued that this is one of the great examples of the Supreme Court allowing societal interests to influence and shape its decision making. Specifically, discuss whether you believe that ethical concerns may have influenced the courts decision.

The first half of this course focuses on the contemporary issues of Justice and Law. You have examined the issues of Mens Rea and motive, vicarious liability of parents, and other issues that challenge the notion that, while a primary objective of the criminal justice system is to obtain "justice" through the codification of laws, justice is often obtained at the cost of law. Nothing challenges preconceived notions more than the discussion of juveniles and criminal law. Currently juveniles can be waived into the adult criminal justice system, and prosecuted as adults, as young as seven (depending on the state).

To aid you in this paper, several resources have been identified to provide you with the suitable background on juveniles. Please watch the following videos:

When Kids Get Life & The New Asylums

As you watch the videos, please take notes, as you will be relying on the information when completing the paper.

For this paper, you will also need to read the following cases ATKINS V. VIRGINIA, ROPER V. SIMMONS, & STANFORD V. KENTUCKY.

Within your paper, be sure to summarize the When Kids Get Life & The New Asylums videos, provide only the key facts from ATKINS V. VIRGINIA, ROPER V. SIMMONS & STANFORD V. KENTUCKY, and explain in your own words what led to the decision in the ROPER V. SIMMONS case. Can it be said that the criminal law system has tipped to the justice side?

As this is a challenging assignment, please feel free to contact me and I will provide all of the assistance that you need to be successful.

Click here to view and use the Midterm Project Student Checklist

You may consult the Kaplan Online Library, the Internet, the textbook and other course material, and any other outside resources in supporting your task, using proper citations in APA style.

  • criminal law for criminal justice -

    Since we don't have access to most of those sources, I don't see how we can help you. After you've completed as much of this assignment as possible, you can ask your instructor for additional help.

  • criminal law for criminal justice -

    Hey this is a question from Kaplan criminal law class you are suppose to research this not have people answer it for you........are you cheating?

  • criminal law for criminal justice -

    As a computing investigator for your local sheriff’s department, you have been asked to go with a detective to a local school that received a bomb threat in an anonymous email. The detective already has information from a subpoena sent to the last know ISP where the anonymous email originated, and the message was sent from a residence in the school neighborhood. The detective tells you that the school principle also stated that the school’s web server had been defaced by an unknown computer attacker. The detective has just obtained a warrant for the search and seizure of a computer at the residence that the ISP identified. Prepare a list of items that should be included in an initial response field kit to ensure that the preservation of computer evidence is maintained when the warrant is executed.

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