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Is this a good poem title?

Poem of fear

Scared, frightened
Deep inside
Of what's going to happen
I try to hide

Terrified, weak
I try to escape
It holds me back
And I can't find my way

Horror, terror
It's coming free
It don't hurt anymore
It was just a dream

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    thats really good how long did it take u to write these?

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    Well.... I wrote this one for homework last sunday it took like maybe 15 minutes. There is a hero in everyone I wrote that in my literature class it took about 10 minutes, and the tribute to a soldier took about 15 minutes. Thank you so much for admiring my work It makes me feel so great inside

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    lol no probs. well it didn't take long to write them but it looks like it did! i really do like these. they come straight form the heart :)

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    Yes, and I am also a fan! As for the title, it certainly tells what to expect. Sometime you might try for a "creative" title but sometimes that can lead the reader astray. When we read literature, I'd put the title on the board for everyone to guess what the work would be about. It was incredible how different students interpreted the title!


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    You might call it "Nightmares"....or "Bump in the Night".....

    You did a very good job with the poem. Well done!

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