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If you had one mole of pennies to divide among all the people in the world, how many dollars would each person receive? Use 5thousand as the population of Earth.

how do you find how many pennies are in one mole?

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    5 thousand million*

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    so is it
    ((6.02x10^23)/(5x10^9)) x 100?

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    Why the 100?
    You have 10 apples. You want to divide 10 apples among 5 people. That would be 10/5 = 2 apples each.
    So you have 6.02 x 10^23 pennies. You have 5 x 10^9 people. Wouldn't that be
    6.02 x 10^23/5 x 10^9 = ??. A lot of pennies in a mole of pennies. :).
    I figure that is slightly more than 1 x 10^14 pennies and with each one worth 0.01 cents, that makes each person receiving 1 x 10^12 dollars? I would settle for that. BUT, how long would it take you to count that many pennies. More time than you and I have on this earth.

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    whoops, I mean divide
    ((6.02x10^23)/(5x10^9)) / 100
    and i got the answer 1.204E12 dollars per person.

    I divided it by 100 to find the amount of dollars, so all the pennies divided by 100 = amount of dollars

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