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Why are there so many religions? Do they all lead to God?

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    I cant imagine this as a homework question. We are not much more than volunteers who help students with learning, and as such,are not inclined much to get into flaming wars. Thanks.

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    There are so many religions because there are so many different cultures. From time to time through history, different religious leaders have had different insights into the nature of people and their relationship with the cosmos. All religions have some universal truths, but they also reflect the times and peoples at the times of their origins.

    Do they all lead to God? That depends upon how you define and perceive "God." No one can answer this question. God only knows!

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    Ms. Sue tackled this one better than bobpursley did. How could this have led to flaming wars?! This one at least deserved some level of serious consideration instead of just being pushed aside.

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