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I am trying to make sure i get this right because it is my study guide for spanish exam -- finals are every day next week. I am hoping I got some right now -

assingment IMPERFECTO o PRETERITO Termna las frases:

1. De nini, yo normalmente pasabas con mis amigos

Answer: pasa con mis amigos
* I am not sure i understood on this one what mistakes I had made

2. Yo hacias la tarea cuando de repente el telefono sono

my answer sono

3. Mis padres miriban la television cuando yo fui a la red

my answer fui a la red

4. El verano pasado, mis amigos y yo la visitamos a famila

my answer visitamos a familia

5. Ayer a las 4:00 yo estudie para espanol ( I know about the accent on estudie and the espanol ( n )

my answer yo estudie para espanol

  • Spanish HELP PLEASE -

    Why didn't you correct what I already corrected for you? Can't you see the difference between what I write and what you write?

    1. De niño (correct your spelling)yo normalmente pasaba (correct your verb) con mis amigos.

    2. Yo hacía (correct your verb) la tarea cuando de repente el teléfono (add accent) sonó. (accent)

    3. Mis padres miraban (correct your verb) la televisión (add accent) cuando yo fui a la red.

    4. El verano pasado, mis amigos y yo visitamos (drop "la") a la familia. (you add it in front of familia)

    5. Ayer a las 4:00 yo estudié (add accent) para (el) español.

    PLEASE make the corrections! I feel I'm wasting my time when you ignore them!


  • Spanish HELP PLEASE -

    could number 3

    be cuando yo..... navegabamos Internet

  • Spanish HELP PLEASE -

    I thought the purpose of this exercise was to begin with the imperfect and finish with the preterit? Remember my explaining about "setting the scene, or painting the background" with the imperfect and then "interrupting, or introducing action" with the preterit?

    You might use preterit instead of imperfect = navegamos la red.


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