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for this subject i have to write a fictional story. the focus is character motivation.
i don't really know what that i had already written down my topic of a love story..about a young girl who falls in love with the wrong guy..
but then i saw this character motivation thing and i don't know if i have to change my topic or what...

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    Read about dramatic structure here.

    To me, "character motivation" means that the character (main character, probably) is motivated to DO something. A good story involving character change can illustrate this well.

    Let us know what you decide.

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    i understand..character change
    but is it ok if i keep my topic ..and make my protagonist(the girl) change throughout the her mind and a round charachter?

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    Yes, I think you can keep your topic. The character development could be shown by how she comes to realize he's the wrong guy. What causes her to change her mind about this guy? What does that tell us about her character change?

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    ok thnks

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