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Ok i need help please! I don't have the book to help me so can someone please help me! I did my best to answer some..if i got them wrong please correct them for me...
Thanks :)

1. Which of the following might be a duty of a noninstructional aide?

A. Accompany a child to and from the lavatory
B. Tutor a child
C. Teach calligraphy
D. Grade homework

2. Some states don't allow teacher aides to

A. take attendance.
B. aid in instructing a class. (my answer)
C. monitor the halls.
D. supervise a bus.

3. An English-as-a-second-language teacher aide works with

A. high school students in English literature classes.
B. preschool students from Spain.
C. students whose native language isn't English.
D. students in private schools in California.

4. A sectarian school is run by

A. the state.
B. a religious church or denomination.
C. the Department of Education.
D. the parents.

5. Why was Head Start important in the history of teacher aides?

A. It was one of the first programs to pay teacher aides.
B. It reduced the number of teacher aides required.
C. It helped teacher aides to become licensed as teachers.
D. It helped recruit white women and men to act as role models.

6. Which statement is true regarding the structure of the school system in the United States?

A. It's centralized under the Department of Education.
B. It's decentralized.
C. It's controlled by the teachers and their unions.
D. It's managed by the state.

7. Which of the following would be a duty of an instructional teacher aide?

A. Write and design lesson plans
B. Care for sick children, file, and clean the floors
C. Monitor small groups of students, teach (under supervision), and do clerical work
D. Perform all his or her duties outside of the classroom

8. What personal characteristics should a teacher aide have?

A. Patience, good communication skills, a friendly demeanor (my answer)
B. The ability to speak another language fluently
C. A quiet, shy disposition
D. The ability to teach a lesson independently

9. A common characteristic of regional educational agencies is that they

A. don't hire teacher aides.
B. provide many services that individual school districts couldn't afford.
C. serve all of the school districts in a state.
D. are located in Eastern states.

10. A paraprofessional is a person who

A. assists a professional on a part-time basis when needed.
B. works full time in a school.
C. performs noninstructional duties.
D. usually has had training in how to assist a professional.

11. In most states, a teacher aide who works only in grades seven through nine is considered a(n)

A. senior high school aide.
B. junior high school aide.
C. middle school aide. (my answer)
D. elementary school aide.

12. On the local level, who runs the public schools?

A. The principal
B. The teachers and the staff
C. The state superintendent
D. An elected school board (my answer)

13. Which one of the following factors contributes to the importance of teacher aides in schools today?

A. A decrease in the population
B. The decline of women in the workforce
C. The financial crisis in the schools
D. Reduced teacher salaries

14. Montessori schools are an example of what type of school?

A. For-profit
B. Public
C. Sectarian
D. Nonsectarian

15. What's another name for a teacher aide?

A. Teacher assistant (my answer)
B. Student teacher
C. Assistant teacher
D. Professional volunteer

16. Where should a person who wants to work as a teacher aide in a Roman Catholic school begin to look for the job?

A. Teachers
B. Principal
C. Diocesan Office of Education
D. Bishop

17. An immigrant can work as a teacher aide in the United States if he or she has a

A. high school diploma.
B. green card.
C. tuberculosis test.
D. family history in the United States.

18. The kindergarten movement is important to the history of teacher aides because

A. kindergartens employed the first teacher aides.
B. kindergartens made use of volunteers in the classrooms.
C. kindergartens relieved the teacher shortage.
D. it contributed to the increase in working mothers.

19. What's a minimal health requirement for a teacher aide?
A. All vaccinations must be current.
B. The applicant must have a negative skin test for tuberculosis.
C. The applicant must have a positive skin test for tuberculosis.
D. The applicant must have a chest X-ray.

20. A teacher aide who assists with a school's physical education program and perceptual motor program is called a(n)

A. health care aide.
B. physical education aide.
C. extracurricular aide.
D. special education aide.

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    When you have done the reading needed and answer these questions, we will be happy to give you further suggestions. We do not do your homework for you.

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    Once again, try common sense. Number 1 for example is all too clear for a NONinstructional aide. That would be one that would do NO instruction/teaching!


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    For #11: What is the difference between middle school and junior high in most places?

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    1 is A
    2 is B
    3 is C
    4 is B
    7 is C
    8 is A
    11 is B for sure
    and im to lazy to answer the rest

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  • tlevabw xwactgr -

    qzfw slciv iycpej ojwdphklf hvmzae bpzse thvdfa

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    1.a 2.a 3.c 4.b 5.d 6.b 7.c 8.a and that is all the further i got so far but these are the right answers cuz i looked them up in the book!

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    i just took the test!! 1.a 2.a 3.c 4.b 5.a 6.b 7.c 8.a 9.b 10.d 11.b 12.d 13.c 14.d 15.a 16.c 17.b 18.b 19.b 20.b

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    Hi Tracey do you have the answers for this subject?Overview Of Teaching Technques

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    2. a take attendance
    i took it and the answer is correct

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    thank you Anonymous!!

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    Thank you so much this got. Me a 100%

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