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Por y para traduce

1. I want to go to Colorado for Christmas.

Quiero ir a Colorado para Christmans

2. Did you buy anything for dinner

¿Has comprado algo para la cena

3. This cell phone is for emergencies only.
Este teléfono celular es sólo para emergencias

4. She always travels by bus.
Ella siempre _______ el bus.

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    1. Is wrong.
    Its... Quiero ir a Colorado para Navidad

    2. Has comprado algo para la cena ?

    3. Este celular es solo para emergencias.

    4. Ella siempre viaja en autobús.

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    for # 4

    it says POR or PARA

  • spnaish HELP -

    Again, with por and para, often the speaker determines which. The handiest thing to tell you is:
    por = porque
    para = a

    para = for in the sense of purpose, use, destination, in order to, to, by

    Por is for in the sense of in exchange for, period or extent of time, for the sake of, during in, per, by, through, along

    Here are the verbs that use NEITHER "POR" NOR "PARA"
    buscar = to look FOR, to seek
    esperar = to wait FOR, to await
    pedir = to ask FOR, to request

    Certain verbs use "Por" = after ir, enviar, luchar, llamar, preguntar

    #1 para la Navidad (by Christmas) OR
    por la Navidad (because of)

    Actually, Laura is correct except #1 needs "la" Navidad and "spnaish" is "spanish."

    If you MUST use por or para, then #4 could be "viaja por autobús.


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