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what is the difference between a predicate and a verb? is a predicate a type of verb and if it is then how can i tell when it is just a verb and when it is a predicate

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    A verb is part of the predicate of a sentence or clause. The predicate says what the subject does, and may also also contain an object (noun), modifiers of the object or verb, and one or more prepositional phrase that describe the action that takes place.

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    A verb is a word that shows action or state of being. Sometimes we use helping verbs with the main verb.

    Examples (with verbs underlined):

    I cried.
    She can read.
    He has been reading.
    We are reading

    The predicate is the verb plus the words that go with it.

    Examples (with the predicate in bold):

    I cried about the sad ending of the movie.
    She can read this story aloud to you.
    He has been reading about global warming.
    We are reading "The Telltale Heart" in English class.

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    how do i know what words go with the predicate? In the sentence "She can read this story aloud to you," It seems to me that the predicate would stop at "aloud."

    I'm pretty confused
    thank you for your time and help

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    Every word in a sentence must be either part of the predicate or part of the subject.

    The verb in your sentence is "can read." The subject is "she." Do you see any other words that go with she? Nope. The simple and complete subject is "she."

    The phrase "to you" is part of the predicate because it completes the meaning of the verb. In most sentences, the verb begins the predicate.

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