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Explain how having a negative self-schema affects one’s social interactions. How does social intelligence affect one’s responses in any given situation? How might a person’s self-guides impact his or her perspective on the world?
My answer:
In my opinion I believe they took better care then we do today of our land. The reason that I believe this they counted on there land for crops and farming. Unlike us today we do not have to grow our own food or raise our own animals. We can go to the store and buy what we need so I think we are less concerned about the environment as they were back then. Also back in ancient societies they many of the religions worshiped the land and treated it as there God. (Is this right or can someone help me plz)

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    For the life of me, I don't see any connection between the question and the answer.

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    I don't either.

    For one thing, the term "negative self-schema" needs to be defined.

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    That was for a different class that I already answered my mistake.

    Do you think ancient societies were as concerned about the environment as modern societies are today? Do you think they took care of the environment better then we do or did they contribute to the destruction of the environment as some societies do today?

    My answer:

    I think they took better care of the environment then we do today. The reason for they counted on the land to harvest there food so they need to take extra care of it. Also they did not have things that pollute the air like we do today such as; cars, factories. In ancient societies there was a few religions that worshiped the land as if it was there God so they did not disrespect there God by damaging the land. ( Help Plz)

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    Read that second sentence, especially the first 5 or 6 words. It doesn't make sense. Are some words omitted?

    Keep these straight: "there" and "their"

    Change "like" to "as" and delete the semicolon after "such as" -- put a comma after "today."

    Verb problem: should be "as if it were..." not "was" (look up subjunctive mood if you need to).

    Problem with subject-verb agreement:
    "there was a few religions..." ??

    Change phrasing so that "disrespect" is used as a noun, not a verb.

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    I am not sure of the purpose of the writing. If it is just to get what you think, you did that. However, most colleges are more interested to hear your arguments for your thinking, and the basis for that thinking. Some of your thoughts seem to me based on wishful thinking, without any basis at all on research. What happened to sewage in cities in Roman times, or in England before the introduction of the indoor wc? Frankly, it was difficult to take a romantic stroll down the street.

    Here is a pic of a Pompeii street. You get one guess for the trench in the street.

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    Thank you very much for your in site. I did not see it like that, but now I do.

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    I had this same question for my journalism class. Thanks for helping me! I put since they probably didn't know pollution was harmful, they couldn't have had a concern for it.

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