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can anybody give me an example of limited omniscient.
i already know that it is where you can hear the thoughts of one of the characters but i would just like an example in a sentence.

please and thank you


    This site has an example.



    ok, well that helped a little.
    our assignment for homework was to take a nursery rhyme and make it a different point of view. in order to do that we were allowed to add in phrases to the rhyme any place we thought would sound good.
    so i took Little Miss Muffet and tried to make it limited omniscient. could you check to see if this sounds like limited omniscient.

    Little Miss Muffet was feeling hungry so she sat on a tuffet
    and she began eating her curds and whey.
    As she thought, "How delicious!",
    there came a big spider,
    who sat down beside her.
    And frightened Miss Muffet away who thought, "How scary!"

    (it doesn't have to rhyme)

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