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I need some help please. I don't understand the math that we are doing. Please explains to me in detail how to do radical expressions and like how to simplify them and stuff. I don't get it and it would be much appreciated.

here is one of the problems. Also my computer does not show the on root sign thing.

root sign 8n^3 (to the power of three)


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    since you can't find the square of 8 you look inside that number to see what other numbers can be squared.

    For instance, 8 is divisible by 2 and 4. You can find the square root of 4. That is the first step.

    Now on n^3 you simply put it in terms that are divisible by 2. so you can break n^3 up into n^2 and n^1 because that still equals n^3.

    Now all that is left is your problem: SQUARE ROOT 2X4 n^1 N^2
    since you can find the square root of 4 and n^2 can be divided by two your answer would be
    2N^1 SQUARE ROOT 2 n^1

    hope that helps

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    i need to check my answers for my THA #27

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