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You would be concerned about possibility of Rh incompatibility if

A enzymes produced by the fetus infect the mother
B bacteria from the mother cross the placenta and are transmitted to the fetus
C antibodies produced by the mother are transmitted to the fetus
D high blood pressure in the mother damages the fetal nervous system

i believe the correct answer is C'

It has been proposed that there is a tendency for parents to treat full-term infants better than preterm infants. A big reason for this is
A that full-term infants don't cry as much
B that the behavior of preterm infants is more annoying and irritable
C that preterm infants demand more interaction time than full-term infants do
D misinformation; parents don't treat full-term babies better than preterm babies
i believe the correct answer is B

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    I agree with both your answers.

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