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Hi, I've just read an essay on Downloading music from internet, obviously the main theme is that it is wrong. Well, I have to defend the oposite view and make up a thesis.

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    Why do you think it's o.k. to download someone else's work without paying them?

    If you post your answer, we'll be glad to discuss it with you.

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    I don't think it is ok, I actually believe it is a theft. But for my assignment I need to oppose to that view. Meaning, I have to say that downloading is ok..which I am not agreeing with, but that's an assignment.

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    Let's see --
    1. The music is there. Why not download it?

    2. Musicians, their agents, and recording studios probably make too much money anyway.

    3. I'm poor and can't afford to pay fancy prices.

    4. How much different is downloading free music than borrowing books from the library?

    5. People can listen to music on the radio for free.

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