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3rd grade English

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They all carry many kinds of computers.
What would the correct present tense of carry be?

  • 3rd grade English -

    The present tense of carry is carry or are carrying.

  • 3rd grade English -

    When you refer to a verb, you refer to it by its present tense or infinitive form:

    carry (present tense)
    to carry (present tense)

    It is understood that verbs have present, past, past participles that make up the "principal parts" -- that is, from these three parts, all forms of that verb can be formed.

    carry, carried, carried
    Regular verbs are referred to this way; their past tense endings are always -ed or -d.

    go, went, gone
    Irregular verbs are referred to this way; it's with the irregular verbs that troubles may arise!!

  • 3rd grade English -


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