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Can someone explaine to me how to solve a net force problem...
Please answer soon...
p.s. if you can give an example to me that would be great.
thank u...

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    In a statics problem (in which an object is stationary or has constant velocity), the net force vector is zero. That means the sum of the force components in any direction is zero. In a dynamics problem, the net force equals mass times acceleration.

    That is how all such problems are solved. Provide a specific problem if you need further assistance.

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    In addition the following GOOGLE Search may have sites with examples:


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    one problem is
    (if i am pushing a 20kg box at an acceleration of 2m/s squared,what net force am i using?)

    ....i just don't understand how to solve this problem...

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    Use F = m a, which is Newton's second law

    20 kg x 2 m/s^2 = 40 Newtons

    (That is about 10 pounds of force)

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    oh, i get it now thanks 4 all of ur help.
    thank u :)

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