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Hello, I need help in trying to figure out rates (as in ratios and rates). What is a formula that I would use? Thanks in advance.

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    assistance needed

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    Can you give an example of the problem with which you are having trouble?

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    At basketball camp, Belicia made 13 baskets for every 25 shots attempted. What was Belicia's success rate per attempt?

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    Her success rate was 14% however you need to subtract 3 to the second power with a subponent of 15 + 67% of 98 and that's your answer its really esy. I am only in 4th grade and u in like junior high!!!! wow STUPID!!!

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    actual hes in 6th grade and just because some people cant do things as well as you or don't understand it as well doesn't mean you have the right to disrespect them you don't know what hes going through what if he had some sort of thing to where things like this were harder for him.if anything your stupid for running your mouth instead of just helping like your supposed to thats what rhis websites for !@#$%^&

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