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Hello...uh yeah I have this one question i'm not really understanding....this is the question

List the 5 largest immigrant populations in Canada and their population.

yeah...I don't actually even understand the quesiton! population? uh?!

help me please!! thanks a lot :)

  • geography (population) -

    The immigrant population are those people who were born outside of Canada. Check this site to see where these immigrants originated.

  • geography (population) -

    This site lists the number of immigrants from the major countries.

  • geography (population) -

    Your response to the question below needs to be a well-developed paragraph. Start with a strong topic sentence and follow with supporting sentences. Give examples that can help explain your thoughts on the topic. Be careful to proofread to check for mistakes in spelling and writing conventions.
    How did the British cause nationalism to develop in India?

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