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A square and a rectangle have the same perimeter. The length of the rectangle is 4cm less than twice the side of the square, and the width of the rectangle is 6 cm than the side of the square. find the perimeter of each figure

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    <<...the width of the rectangle is 6 cm than the side of the square>

    6 cm more or 6 cm less

    I am going to assume it is "less"

    so we would have
    (2x-4)(x-6) = x^2

    Solve for x and take it from there

    if it is "more" then
    (2x-4)(x+6) = x^2 and solve

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    Check my thinking on this.
    S = side of the square.
    L= length of rectangle.
    W = width of rectangle.
    4S = perimeter of square
    2L + 2W = perimeter of rectangle.
    perimeter is the same; therefore,
    4S = 2L + 2W
    2S = L + 4
    S = W+6
    Solve for S, L, W and calculate perimeter. I tried this and have S = 10, L = 16
    W = 4
    All of the units are cm.
    Perimeter is 40 cm.

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    thank u

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    scrap my solution, I misread the question.

    go with DrBob's method.

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