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If I was to react a borax solution with a sulphuric acid to neutralise it, what products will I get?

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    Probably boric acid, H3BO3. But if you use concentrated H2SO4 for the acid, you also will get a lot of heat due to the heat of hydration of the acid, itself; so much so that the acid hydration reaction will overwhelm the boric acid formation, especially if you have a relatively weak solution of the borax.

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    DrBob gave you a good start. Here is a little more information in the form of an unbalanced chemical equation:

    Na2B4O7 + H2SO4 + H2O = H3BO3 + Na2SO4

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    If we include the water of hydration, the unbalanced chemical reaction becomes:

    Na2B4O7.11H2O + H2SO4 = H3BO3 + Na2SO4 + H2O

    (The coefficient of H2O on the right side is 6. You can finish balancing it to convince yourself it is a viable chemical equation)

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