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I am writing a paper on panic disorder. I want my opening paragraph to show an example of a panic attack.

Should I start it with-

"Imagine taking a walk on a beautiful summer day....then all of a sudden your heart is racing..ect."

I am going to talk about what you will feel and what happens. What else should I need for the opening paragraph? I need it to be interesting and catchy. Ideas Please?

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    Your example is a good start. Keep writing and re-post.

    (Remember it's etc., not ect -- the abbreviation is short for et cetera.)

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    You might write in in first person... on a moment by moment basis.. What do you feel, see, taste? What is your body doing?

    Then your thesis statement will follow...something to the effect. This is an example of panic disorder. Then you can develop the paper by examining causes and treatments.

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    what should we do to write a good paragraph?

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